Test jCore ver. 1.0pre now!

Date Submitted: November 8 2011 06:40 am
Posted By: The jCore - the Webmaster's Multisite CMS development team
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jCore 1.0 is almost here so we would like to give you the pre version of it to test the final release and report back with as many bugs as possible so we can make sure 1.0 will be as stable as possible.

The pre version contains changes like Real API, CSRF protection, Blowfish passwords, reCaptcha integration, HTML notification emails, Comments at Glance section, Code Profiling using xDebug, new integrated Jaris FLV Player and more.

The biggest change in this release is the new API which will allow you to write modules/extensions a lot easier and also interact with the core without having to create local partial classes for your modifications.

Read more about this release at:

and please send us back as many reports as possible so we can make sure the 1.0 will be really what we all wanted.