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NukeViet 4.0 Release Candidate 2 has been launched

Story added: May 18 2017 09:09 am  /  Posted By: The NukeViet development team
As planned release, version 4.0 Release Candidate 1 NukeViet (RC1) was released after more than two years of testing.

What new of Nukeviet 4.0

After 5 years since NukeViet 3.0 was launched, NukeViet has constantly improved to keep up with new trends. And this time NukeViet 4.0 enhancements and comprehensive changes to update according to the latest technological trends as Reponsive theme, IPv6, supporting Vietnamese domain names…etc.

NukeViet 4.0 also adds more features to change the fundamental way the system administrator, for example, application allowed installing apps directly...

UliCMS 2017.3 "Tanzverbot" is now available

Story added: May 9 2017 11:12 pm  /  Posted By: The UliCMS development team
UliCMS 2017.3 is an enhanced web content management system suitable for managing small to medium-sized websites. This new release contains many new user and developer features.

New default theme "impro17"

The new high quality theme "impro17" is based on the previous default theme. It
contains additional templates for list and article content types. It
shows a search field if "search" oder "extended_search" is installed.

Clear cache shortcut added

A shortcut to clear cache was added left to the menu icon.
Restrict edit rights You can now restrict the
edit rights for ...

WonderCMS - smallest CMS in the world - 2.0.0 version

Story added: March 19 2017 07:15 am  /  Posted By: The WonderCMS development team
WonderCMS brings some huge news: we're finally out of beta after 8 full years!

Some of the latest featues:
- no more "Powered by WonderCMS" link
- new plugins
- new default theme
- two step setup - unzip and upload
- improved settings
- major code cleanup

Full features list.

Check the latest demo - resets every 10 minutes....

LEPTON 2.4.0 released

Story added: March 18 2017 10:16 pm  /  Posted By: The LEPTON development team
We are happy to release LEPTON 2.4.0 as Stable Version today.
Notice: beneath maintaining tasks there are some new interesting things for addon developers!
What is done in LEPTON 2.4.0?
Here is a (non-complete) list of changes, see changelog for details:

We got new classes in framework, read details in the documentation.
updated a lot of libs and modules:

"outsorced" and updated responsive filemanager
updated tiny_mce
updated lib_semantic
updated lib_twig
updated lib_phpmailer

rework account directory to get rid of the old template engine
code modifications...

Composr CMS version 10 released (previously ocPortal)

Story added: March 17 2017 10:35 pm  /  Posted By: The Composr CMS development team
The result of more than 4 years of work, we're pleased to announce that the first fully stable version of Composr CMS has been released.

Reasons to upgrade to Composr CMS 10 from ocPortal 9 include...

Generally as technology evolves we will make small changes to accommodate this. For example, Composr CMS is Unicode so supports emojis typed on smartphones.
Easier to use administration system.
Many design improvements in general – almost everything has been improved in some way. We literally had a designer review every screen in the system, then went through making what seemed...