Release of new CompactCMS version 1.4.0

Date Submitted: December 2 2009 08:41 am
Posted By: The CompactCMS development team
It has been relatively silent for a while regarding the CompactCMS project, but today I've finally released a new version which is fully packed with new features, possibilities and opportunities.

For those not familiar with CompactCMS yet: the philosophy behind this project is to offer straight-forward actual content management to the end-users of a website. While most CMS focus on offering a large variety of features to the developing user of the CMS, CompactCMS aims to offer only the basics. This to prevent confusion with your end-users, those who are to use the CMS. All content, menus and modules are managed from one fully AJAX loaded page.

New features in release 1.4.0

  • Support for custom modules

  • New easy to use templating engine

  • Support for multi-lingual front-ends

  • Back-up feature to safeguard contents

  • Code editor for delicate programming

  • Optimized for speed and usability

  • Scores 96 on Yahoo's YSlow 2.0 guidelines (!)

  • Enhanced security (Digest)

  • Comes with default lightbox and guestbook modules

I invite anyone to test the new release and report back any suggestions or comments one might have. Use this sites comment feature or visit the official forum.


Please note that as I'm extending and improving the new CCMS website, documentation is currently not yet available for custom module development.