Composr CMS version 10 released (previously ocPortal)

Date Submitted: March 17 2017 10:35 pm
Posted By: The Composr CMS development team

The result of more than 4 years of work, we're pleased to announce that the first fully stable version of Composr CMS has been released.

Reasons to upgrade to Composr CMS 10 from ocPortal 9 include...

  1. Generally as technology evolves we will make small changes to accommodate this. For example, Composr CMS is Unicode so supports emojis typed on smartphones.

  2. Easier to use administration system.

  3. Many design improvements in general – almost everything has been improved in some way. We literally had a designer review every screen in the system, then went through making what seemed like endless improvements.

  4. A redesigned “social network” style header that can be used for checking notifications and private topics.

  5. New Sitemap system that allows auto-generated menus covering all dynamic content. The default v10 menu is Sitemap-based, but also can be changed into a hand-edited menu.

  6. Vastly improved documentation.

  7. Massive performance improvements

  8. Page templates

  9. Privacy controls for member content

  10. Infinite scrolling support

  11. Support ticket system email integration

  12. Content meta-data editing (e.g. edit submission dates for articles)

  13. Over 100 new config options

  14. Significant catalogue field improvements

  15. Media API (e.g. paste links to Google maps to get an embedded map) – anything that supports oEmbed or OpenGraph can be embedded

  16. Improved security:

    1. Stronger master password control

    2. Better session key complexity

    3. “Kid gloves” developer mode

  17. Improved translations. We've moved from Launchpad to Transifex and created a whole new translation architecture that is far more efficient to work with.

  18. Significantly improved WYSIWYG editing for setting up block structure and Comcode.

  19. New enterprise features:

    1. Aggregate content types

    2. Support for integration with Composr Mobile SDK, for developing native mobile apps

    3. WebDAV support

    4. Temporary passwords and enhanced password rule management

    5. Content reviews

There are probably around 10,000 changes, so it's impossible to list them all. The above are just the main ones.