ImpressPages CMS 3.6 and Theme Marketplace in a nutshell

Date Submitted: October 11 2013 09:13 am
ImpressPages CMS 3.6 which, among many other improvements, includes a Theme Marketplace. It offers more choice for web designers as well as an opportunity to make money for theme contributors.

Browse themes
Were adding a repository of ImpressPages themes that can be browsed from within CMS Design tab. It means that all themes can now be previewed live without leaving the CMS. Different colors and fonts can be applied to the theme before downloading.

One click install
Now you can install any theme with a single click of a mouse. Auto install, obviously, makes themes easier to install which translates into faster website development more people being able to try web design.

Contribute (both free and paid themes)
ImpressPages Marketplace
Now anyone can submit their ImpressPages themes and choose whether they go for free or for a buck.

Theme customization / options
From now, ImpressPages theme configuration will be much easier. Colors, fonts and layouts can now be previewed and picked instantly. For this reason, we encourage our theme contributors to look at the design templates you are creating from a broader perspective you never know who may choose your theme and what kind of website it will be used for.

Theme options
We have built an easy way to add options to your theme. Now you can make your theme configurable by adding just a couple of lines of code in theme configuration.

LESS CSS support
Now ImpressPages CMS has a LESS compiler integrated. Simply write your code using LESS straight away and dont waste a second on setup and compiling. This makes CSS easier to understand and to modify.

Responsive content styles
From now on, it is easier than ever to build a responsive theme for ImpressPages. Default content widget styles are now fully responsive. They are available in plain CSS and configurable LESS formats. Widgets will automatically fill all the available space just put them into a responsive container.

Example content
Example content
Now you can put example content to your theme blocks. This allows easier previewing and highlights the best theme features while user has no content yet.

Sitemap for visitors
Now you can publish a sitemap for your visitors using a single line of code.

MVC for plugin administration
From now on, you can use MVC architecture not only for frontend pages, but also for administration pages. This makes building managed plugins easier and faster.

The Request class
We also added object-oriented approach to get the POST, GET and REQUEST values. Its our step towards HMVC implementation.

New way to set content in blocks
In addition to event handling method, now you can set content for any block using just a single line of code.

Slots give theme authors an easy way to set placeholders where plugins can add their own content.