AdaptCMS 2.0.4 Released

Date Submitted: September 29 2012 09:32 pm
Posted By: The AdaptCMS development team
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Insane Visions is happy to announce yet another new release, AdaptCMS 2.0.4, immediately available to download.

2.0.4 is likely the last "minor version" to come out before the next big release is out. The changes are mostly small, but fixes several bugs as well as replacing some old code so AdaptCMS 2.0.4 is compatible with PHP 5.3!

Seeing the market share of PHP 5.3 at an impressive 37.9%, just 19.3% less than 5.2 - we decided it would be important to get AdaptCMS compatible with PHP 5.3 for future proofing.

The next anticipated release is the big upgrade written in the cakePHP framework, but any bugs that arise or any security issues will be addressed and patched immediately.

Download AdaptCMS 2.0.4