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Stable Release: 6.0
Started in: 2006
Updated: 21 Jan 2018

Horizon QCMS 5.0 is a user friendly Content Management System, loaded with many useful tools to maintain your website.

If you're interested in Horizon QCMS then we would like to suggest to download version 5.1!

What's new?


  • SimpleGallery edit fix for Mozilla browsers.

  • Removing of all old control panel tags.

  • Database class: fix on the sub category with current id.

  • File management: close fix on loading a template.

  • Control panel: fix on loading control panel when there's no slash.

  • Control panel: better message that your version of Horizon QCMS is out of date.

  • Navigation: members_only pages are no longer visible for visitors. Only members can see them.

What's new?

  • Query Builder, you can now create customized queries for all your needs.

  • PHP Online tool so that you can create your own customized PHP plugins.

  • PHP Assistant, only valid if your server has at least PHP 5.2

  • Formbuilder with database support: Formbuilder can now also create customized MySQL tables based on your web form. And Horizon will besides create a special PHP plug in order to retrieve the information from your web form.

  • Formbuilder offers a special newsletter support: create a web form with the subject newsletter and an email field in your form and Horizon will collect the email addresses for you. You can also ask for first_name and last_name, that is: if you use the field names: first_name and last_name. This will help you to create "personalized" newsletters.

  • You can now send HTML newsletters directly to your subscribers, with an automatic opt-out function.

  • E-commerce: if you enter your Paypal email address and select your currency, then you can sell your products on your website. Horizon will create all the necessary Paypal buttons for you to make it happen.

  • You can also adjust the control panel: you can now rename all control panel navigation buttons so that you can create your own "language" file.

  • Improved upgrade procedure: Horzion can now upgrade your existing version, starting with Horzion 3.5.x to Horizon 5.0 - Event Horizon.

  • HTML5 support for MP3 and MP4 media files.

  • Twitter support.

  • Cellphone support, Horizon will automatically display your website in a cellphone compatible layout.

Horizon only uses native MySQLi commands, which is way faster then PDO, although some geeks will disagree with me. However, let me put it this way: PDO is more like an SUV while native MySQLi is like a Ford Mustang with an American V8 engine, that's a lot of horsepower. Horizon is just like that.

Horizon is powered with the following plug-ins

  • Formbuilder.

  • News.

  • Footer.

  • Facebook Plugin.

  • Google Analytics.

  • JQuery News page widgets.

  • JQuery Simple Charts.

  • Improved support for the Internet Explorer.

  • PDF generator.

  • CRM module.

  • CRM tickets.

  • A plug-in installer.

  • A realtime version check to see if you have the latest version.

  • Facebook plug-in support for Simple Gallery.

  • Querybuilder

  • Formbuilder to MySQL tables

  • Formbuilder to Newsletter

  • PHP Plugin Creator

  • Blog

  • Paypal Plugin

Horizon QCMS version 5.0


Horizon QCMS 5.0 - Event Horzion offers Cellphone detection
PHP Assistant

Horizon QCMS 5.0 - Event Horzion offers PHP Assistant
Horizon QCMS 5.0 - Event Horzion offers Querybuilder
Horizon QCMS 5.0 - Event Horzion offers Querybuilder
Horizon QCMS 5.0 - Event Horzion also offers all the tools and plugins of Horizon QCMS 4.1
You will also find new html templates in the themes directory that you can use for your website.

Meet Horizon

What is Horizon QCMS?

Horizon QCMS is a content management system which means that you can manage your website with Horizon.

Is Horizon QCMS like a blog system?

Definitely not. Horizon QCMS is nothing like a blog system that you see in other systems. Visitors can not directly comment your web pages unless you use the Facebook plugin that Horizon QCMS Offers.

Is there a WYSIWYG editor?

Yes, Horizon does have a HTML editor. We have adopted Xinha as the editor because Xinha offers the same flexibility like a word-processor. It works like a charm, with full screen support, directly inserting images or to upload images without the need to grab a URL of your image from your website.

Can you customize Horizon QCMS?

Yes, you can customize Horizon. You can change the html template (the layout of your site), or the layout of the control panel and you can adjust the login template too.

Can I add PHP in my templates?

No, you can't. Horizon QCMS separates the code from HTML. This way a web designer doesn't have to work on PHP codes. So he or she doesn't have to insert a PHP tag on the place for the meta tags, title tags, etc.

This means that a webdesigner can't screw with the system.

Is Horizon QCMS search engine friendly (SEO)?

Yes, Horizon is search engine friendly. Horizon automatically generate meta tags based on the page title.

What is auto navigation?

Auto navigation means that your web page will be added automatically on the navigation bar. Horizon QCMS supports auto navigation on 3 levels: the category (which is the main navigation), the article (which Horizon connect to a category) and the sub article (which Horizon connect to an article).

Is there a photo gallery?

Yes, Horizon QCMS has a build-in gallery system called Simple Gallery. With Simple Gallery you can easily create an album, add photos (jpg only!), delete photos or edit the description of the photo.

Is there support for multimedia files?

Are you kidding? Yes, there is. We designed Horizon QCMS for creative people like Heather Nova.

Horizon supports flash, ram, mpg, mp4, mp3, wmv, asx, quick time and you can insert youtube movies without copying the embedded code that you can grab from youtube.

What does it cost?

Horizon QCMS is BSD licensed, which means that you don't have to pay for Horizon QCMS.

What are the system requirements? You need a server with at least PHP 5.1, but PHP 5.2 or higher is recommened. You also need a MySQL database.

The use of the MySQLi extentension is recommended: QueryBuilder won't work with anything less, same goes for the built-in CRM application.

We have tested Horizon QCMS on a Linux server and on a Windows 2003 server.

Horizon QCMS - Event Horizon Demo
Demo Type: Local
Main Page
Admin Page
Main Page: admin
Admin Page: demo123

Demo will be reinstalled automatically in:

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