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KrisonAV 5.1.1

Category: CMS / Portals

Demo Status: *

Stable Release: 5.1.1
Started in: 2011
Updated: 23 Dec 2017

The biggest advantage of using a CMS (content management system) for your website is the ability to control your content separately from the layout or design. With a powerful CMS like KrisonAV CMS, you can add, change, and remove text, images, and plug-ins in your site without installing any proprietary software or paying a third-party. Because of the simple administration and editing tools in KrisonAV CMS, you can run and edit any kind of site, personal or business, without learning HTML, CSS, programming, or web design. There are other CMS solutions out there, of course, but KrisonAV has some unique features that make it a great option for websites of any size, from small to enterprise:

Multiple Pages support:

  • Create as many pages as you want (not just a homepage).
  • Each page can include totally different contents. This gives the freedom to create, for example, a page that includes both a poll and a poll-related article or a page that includes both an image slideshow and a slideshow-related article e.t.c.

Multilingual: The frontend and backend can support as many languages as you need through localization.

Permissions control: KrisonAV CMS allows you to easily control content permissions. Each page and content can be hidden to everyone but a specific group. Content can also be set to hide when a user logs in.

Global and context-based settings: Customizable global settings that take effect on all contents or customizable context-based settings that take effect on a specific content.

Fully customizable blocks: KrisonAV CMS comes with a set of blocks that can be inserted in every page you create. These blocks are useful to display articlesí categories, last, popular or top rated articles, siteís contact info, users info, siteís visits and many many more!

Contact-us form: Give visitors the ability to contact with site contacts from within site.

Flexform Configuration: Customize items easily on the page where the item is inserted, using tab-based configuration.

Slideshows: Create beautiful slideshows using image-rotator plugin.

Easy templating. Using Artisteer software, create astonishing templates easily and incorporate them into KrisonAV CMS with a few clicks.

Dynamic graphical menus or categories:

  • Organize your contents by creating menus and submenus or categories and subcategories very easily.
  • Each menu or category item can be associated with any icon from KrisonAVís library or an uploaded one.

Multiple Menu Types: KrisonAV CMS supports horizontal or vertical graphical menus created by Artisteer software. There is also a vertical treemenu included.

GZip Compression support: Normally web servers send HTML content as is without any compression. If both web server and client's browser supports this function then the bandwidth consumption will be decreased and the data transferring speed will be increased significantly.

Site offline:

  • Set your site offline in a single click.
  • Customizable offline message.

Google Analytics: Monitor your siteís traffic by using Google analytics service. All you have to do is register to Google and add your provided UA Number into KrisonAV CMSís settings.

True WYSIWYG editing: Use the advanced rich-text editor in KrisonAV CMS to compose all your content in a full-featured, customizable writing environment. KrisonAV CMSís rich-text editor uses Microsoft Word-like icons, includes spell checker and is highly configurable (buttons and CSS styles can be added or removed).

Frontend or Backend Editing: KrisonAV CMS lets you edit content in either the backend or the same frontend your visitors see so you can do faster updates and see your changes in context.

Automatic caching:

  • All page contents are cached automatically.
  • Total control on cached items (cached items can be cleared in the backend manually).

Integrated search: Advanced built-in search tools.

Online and built-in documentation:

  • Large library of online documentation.
  • Help icons present beside most KrisonAV CMSís functions.

Upgrade / Install: Install a fresh copy of KrisonAV CMS or upgrade an existing one by using an easy, highly sophisticated built-in setup wizard.

Email Alerts:  Alerts for successful registrations can be sent to administrators.

Automatically adjusted dates and times: KrisonAV CMS automatically detects visitorís timezone and displays adjusted dates and times.

Metadata Insertion: Metadata can be inserted globally and for different languages.

Frontend User Registration:

  • Visitors can register through the website.
  • Users can select avatars from KrisonAV CMSís library or upload one of their choice.
  • User passwords are encrypted into database using md5() function.
  • Option for newly registered user to receive an email with an activation link. He/she must click on that link in order to complete account creation. This serves for security reasons to insure that new users are registering with an existing email address and not a faulty one.

Frontend User Login:

  • Users can log in, edit their profile and retrieve lost passwords.
  • During login process, CAPS LOCK key is checked and a warning message is displayed.

User Management: Administrators can disable/delete user accounts or change their details at any time.

Extension support: Create your own blocks and modules using Codecharge Studio. You can even create plugins for sharing them online. Using KrisonAVís and Codechargeís API you can quickly extend your own website using best practices.

Calendar: Calendar support with a number of features, including events.

Contact Management:

  • Set which userís information will be used as siteís contact info. You may set as many users as you want.
  • Categorize users into fully customizable categories such as directors, subdirectors etc. Category names can change to whatever reflects your needs.

Direct Mailer: Sophisticated newsletter management. Administrator can send out one email with content geared for specific user groups with a touch of a button.

Multimedia Integration: Integration of multimedia elements such as video, audio, flash animations, Java applets etc. Custom HTML or Javascript code can be included easily.

Media Manager:

  • Complex handling system: Advanced media manager to keep uploaded files organized with rename, delete, new folder, multiple files upload, search, capabilities.
  • Preview capabilities: Image and flash preview capabilities.
  • Image Resizing: resize pictures during upload process or resize them later online.
  • Image Editing: Cropping, rotating and flipping (horizontal or vertical) images online capabilities


  • Complex handling system: Articles can be automatically or manually archived, added to menus or categories and timed to start and stop.
  • Restrict access: Restrict access to specific user groups or specific languages.
  • Read-More capability: Break an article into two pieces (using a read-more line) and only the first part will be shown in a page. The whole article will be shown when a visitor clicks on the corresponding read-more button. There is also an option to cut an article into many pieces and a navigator (first page, previous page, next page, last page) will be auto generated.
  • Encrypted links: When adding links into articles (links that refer to a file of yours), those links can be encrypted and not reveal serverís path to visitors.
  • AddThis Button: Add an ĎAddThisí Button on each articleís header with a touch of a button. You can even register to addthis.com, add your provided PubID into KrisonAV CMSís settings and be able to receive free analytics reports. See www.addthis.com for more details.
  • Code Syntax highlighter: A useful function when your site contains code samples and tutorials for programming languages. KrisonAV CMS supports about 30 languages. For more information see at http://alexgorbatchev.com/SyntaxHighlighter/manual/brushes/
  • Printer-friendly Support: Articles can be printed by visitors.
  • PDF support: Articles can be exported online to PDF format (multilingual support) and sent to visitors.
  • User Contributed Content: Users can contribute to pages via comments. When an article is commented, an email can be sent to the author and to the annotators.
  • Click-to-enlarge images option: There is a sophisticated option to upload big images and leave initial size intact. When setting imageís width and height property in order to display them smaller, there is no need to worry about the size of data that will be transferred through network. KrisonAV CMS will auto-generate and send smaller images (sized equal to width and height property). Visitors can click on an image and the original one will be loaded and show up through AJAX technology.

File sharing system:

  • Complex handling system. Files can be automatically or manually archived, added to menus or categories and timed to start and stop.
  • Restrict access: Restrict access to specific user groups or specific languages.
  • Read More capability: Break a fileís description into two pieces (using a read-more line) and only the first part will be shown. The whole description pops-up when mouse hovers on it.


  • Complex handling system: Polls can be automatically or manually archived, added to menus or categories and timed to start and stop.
  • Restrict access: Restrict access to specific user groups or specific languages.
  • Adjustable re-voting time interval: Re-voting time interval can be adjusted. Visitors can vote every time they visit the site, once a day, once every second day etc
  • Read More capability: Break pollís questions into two pieces (using a read-more line) and only the first part will be shown in a poll. The whole question pops-up when mouse hovers on it.

Syndicated Content (RSS):

  • Complex handling system. Feeds can be automatically or manually archived, added to menus or categories and timed to start and stop.
  • Restrict access: Restrict access to specific user groups or specific languages.

UTF-8 Support: The whole KrisonAV CMS uses UTF-8 charset.

Web server: Apache

Database server: mySQL

Programming Language: PHP and Javascript

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome on Windows or Unix


- Do I need to buy commercial version of KrisonAV CMS for setting up a website?

NO. You can download open source KrisonAV CMS, which is totally free! All we need from you is a little support. So, if you find Open Source KrisonAV CMS useful and want to contribute click here

- Do I need to buy Codecharge Studio?

NO. KrisonAV CMS is totally autonomous and can be setup and run without the need of buying Codecharge Studio

- Do I need to buy Codecharge Studio in order to add/create a new locale?

NO again. Look at instructions here

- When do I need to buy Codecharge Studio?

If you need to create your own plugins (blocks or modules). However, KrisonAV comes with plenty of them (polls, feed aggregators, calendars etc) so you may won't need to develop any of your own.

- When do I need to buy commercial KrisonAV CMS?

If you what to modify the core files of KrisonAV CMS. You don't need it, when you just want to create some plugins with Codecharge Studio because the free version of KrisonAV CMS can embed them as well.

- Do I need to buy Artisteer?

Probably NO! There are plenty of templates that you can download from here

- When do I need to buy Artisteer?

If you need to create your own template.

- Which version of Codecharge Studio is KrisonAV compatible with?

With Codecharge Studio 5.

- Which version of Artisteer is KrisonAV compatible with?

KrisonAV has been tested using Artisteer version 2.4 or later and 3.0 or later

- Do I have to add all those complicated DIV tags into HTML in order to make my custom plugin, artisteer compatible.

NO! We have developed an artisteer parser for that reason. It includes all those DIVs automatically for you. You will have to do minor changes to your plugin's HTML.

- If Artisteer's generated template in newer versions is changed  by adding or removing some DIVs or even by renaming DIV's classes' names do I have to re-edit my existing plugins?

NO again! All you have to do is wait till we publish a new version of artisteer parser. When it is ready, you can just upload it to your web service provider.

- Why KrisonAV site is both in English-US and English-GB? I thought that those languages where pretty much the same.

Yes. Those languages are pretty much the same. However the main difference is in the date format. The format in USA is mm/dd/yyyy and in Great Britain is dd/mm/yyyy. Also, first day of week is different. In USA is Sunday but in Great Britain is Monday.

- Can I use jQuery library into my plugins?

Of course! KrisonAV CMS already uses it. However, Codecharge uses Prototype library also and the second one uses '$' sign as jQuery does. So, if you wish to use jQuery library you will have to use 'jQuery' abbreviation instead of '$' sign. For example jQuery("span").show(2000); instead of $("span").show(2000);

KrisonAV Demo
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Main Page: admin
Admin Page: demo123

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