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Phire CMS v1.1 Released

Date Submitted: January 19 2011 09:55 am
Phire CMS v1.1 Released Phire CMS v1.1 is finally here! Thanks to some really good initial feedback, v1.1 has a few of the most requested features now built in - like language support for 12 languages. Also, the install process has been made a lot easier. Some of the other new features that h...

OpenCms Days 2011 - Conference and Expo

Date Submitted: January 19 2011 04:37 am
OpenCms Days 2011 will take place from Monday, May 09 to Tuesday, May 10, 2011 in Cologne, Germany. The OpenCms 8 User Experience OpenCms 8 will bring a major update of the content manager user interface. The new Advanced Direct Edit feature will allow content managers to create, modify and pu...

Update of Alkacon OAMP Comments module released - get Version 1.0.3

Date Submitted: January 19 2011 04:25 am
The Alkacon OAMP Comments Module Version 1.0.3, which is available now for download from, allows to add highly configurable blog like comment options to all template based pages in OpenCms. The OAMP Comments module with its highly configurable form fields allows to create guestbooks o...

Newscoop 3.5 RC2 is released!

Date Submitted: January 17 2011 10:45 am
Sourcefabric announced on 17 January 2011 the second release candidate (RC2) of Newscoop 3.5.Newscoop takes Sourcefabric’s decade-long experience of making tools for news organisations (not to mention the many years before that of actually working in the industry), and builds an open conten...

Fruml CMS Beta 4 Released!

Date Submitted: January 16 2011 04:14 pm
We've been bursting at the seams to tell you about the new Beta 4 release of Fruml CMS and the updated Fruml website, and now we can! If you've tried Fruml before, you're going to love the changes and new additions we've made to this build. The changes to the application are too many to mentio...

KaiBB 1.0.3 Released

Date Submitted: January 10 2011 11:29 am
I am happy to announce the release of KaiBB 1.0.3, this version of KaiBB much like earlier version's has undergone large scale changes to make it more compliant with the modern internet, in this version it has been focused around a new template system. The main changes are as follows; NEW - Add...
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