razorCMS V1.2 out now

Date Submitted: October 19 2011 12:22 pm
razorCMS core v1.2 STABLE - OUT NOW!

Get the latest version of razorCMS now, packed with new features, bug fixes and even more stability.

The core system contains limited functionality, it is just enough to get a system up and running. If you require extra functionality in your system once the core is installed, please use the blade packs. If you require an older version of razorCMS core, please visit the archive area of site.

The latest version includes the following changes...

1) SEF url added to core, with multi folder support now
2) Fixed bug for unix type hosts not picking up osType
3) Fixed redirect of info page when adding new info item
4) Changed theme links
5) Added login failure feedback to admin
6) Fixed missing translations for edit and unpublish
7) Only one language pack active, deactivates others
8) Fix for renaming subcat
9) Added sockets so language packs and alter cat names
10) Used new zip class to stop zip issues with current class
11) Added jQuery to admin, for various uses
12) Altering page order now by drag and drop (jQuery)
13) Altering cat order now by drag and drop (jQuery)
14) Altering infobar order now by drag and drop (jQuery)
15) Fixed hanging squares in infobar selection
16) Fixed protect catagories bug
17) Fixed Xlink issues found by Adminer

For a full list of features and changes, please view the release notes file in the download. www.razorcms.co.uk