AdaptCMS 2.0.1 Released

Date Submitted: September 21 2011 08:13 pm
Posted By: The AdaptCMS development team
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Insane Visions is excited to announce the next release, AdaptCMS 2.0.1 now available for download.

Despite being a "minor version", this release still packs quite a bit more than we originally planned. The biggest part is a whole lot of bugs fixed, from the mod_rewrite to the plugins being fixed and in many other areas. Another part was the security was enhanced, not just improving it in the social area of the site but a newly implemented "SALT" method. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to hack your website and gain entry as the salt password is randomly generated for each Adapt website and unless they gain access to your MySQL backend, they can't get password hashes. The third part is of course the features!

One new feature is the plugins feature was worked on and along with it is new plugins to 2.0 "Sitemap", "TinyURL" and "Affiliates". These let you generate a sitemap on your website automatically for search engines, tinyurl simply gives you short URL's for any link you wish and affiliates is a link manager of sorts, letting you keep a list of affiliates which you can also track traffic out. Administration for the Social feature of Adapt is also now in, letting staff manage user blogs as well as upload new avatars that can be used or delete ones users have uploaded.

There are also many minor features such as being able to select an author when managing content, now being able to leave comments on static pages, new main ACP page (matches version, shows latest news and notes), forgot password feature, two different date formats (june 9, 11 or 5 mins ago), timzone selector and much more.

With a short release period expect to see the next version, AdaptCMS 2.0.2, in the next month-month and a half.

Download AdaptCMS 2.0.1