TangoCMS 2.4 "Hedgehog" Released

Date Submitted: December 31 2009 07:45 am
The TangoCMS Project have recently released their latest version of the powerful, simple and secure content management system, 2.4.0, dubbed "Hedgehog".

This release brings many new features, polish to the workflow/interface, bug fixes and a new default theme to replace the older. Page load time has been improved with tweaks to the JavaScript aggregation functionality, with jQuery no longer being merged with other files - but instead can be taken directly from Googles' CDN servers.

Managing large amounts of content has now been dramatically improved, with the introduction of a small AJAX search box for things such as Articles, Pages and Users. Similar to spotlight search, just type in part of the name and suggestions shall appear.

Creating complex content layouts has also been made easier, with the ability to clone existing layouts - meaning you no longer have to start from scratch each time you require a different layout on a URL.

There have been many more little features added, all of which can be seen on the 2.4.0 Roadmap. We hope you enjoy this release and all other future ones!