Tine 2.0 "August (2009/11)" released

Date Submitted: December 9 2009 07:25 am
The Tine 2.0 project released its next major version "August (2009/11)". Packages for public download and an online demo have been deployed on the project's page.

Focus of the new version are the extensions of the reporting and analysis functions in the CRM module and improved calendar functions. Moreover, many users are likely to be positively assessed, that Tine 2.0 now can operate as an OpenId Provider. In total the Changelog lists over 150 new features and improvements.

Highlights - CRM module:

Similar to address book, calendar and time-tracker, the CRM Lead Manager is now equipped with a preview panel. Details and additional information of selected leads are directly displayed without the need for the leads to be opened. If no lead is selected, the software displays statistics for all the leads of the selected filter in the form of pie charts.

The search and filter functions have been equipped with special filters to find leads of certain products or contact types. These lead filters are part of the general filtering logic of Tine 2.0 and can be used to create storeable dynamic lists.

With the enhanced export functions, leads can now be exported directly into existing Microsoft ExcelŽ spreadsheets. Thus, predefined reports, which can be filled with selected data by Tine 2.0, can now be made available for the entire enterprise.

Highlights - Calendar:

Within the calendar system enterprise resources, such as company cars or meeting rooms, can now be scheduled. These are managed in their own calendars and can be booked directly in combination with appointments.

When creating and moving events, the calendar checks the availability of participants and gives conflict warnings when they are not available. Additionally the possibility to define events as non-blocking has been added.

The calendar events for which the user wants to be informed can now be configured individually. For example, it is possible to only get notifications about invitations and cancellations or time changes of events. Layout and content of the notification messages have been optimized so that relevant changes can be recognized by the user at a glance.

Highlights in the core:

Tine 2.0 can be configured as an openID provider. With this, users only have to remember a single username / password combination to authenticate themselves at different web services.

The user interface has been further optimized using the results of the systematically user tests carried out within the framework of user-centered development of Tine 2.0.

The performance of the Tine 2.0 email client has been significantly improved. Automatic updates of the caches and deleting emails are now done in the background, while the user can work undisturbed. If the Firefox plugin Callout is installed, notifications about new emails are shown prominently.

Many libraries have been updated, for example the 3.0x version of ExtJS and the 1.9x version of Zend Framework are now in use.