ImpressCMS 1.1.3 Final: It's Here!

Date Submitted: October 11 2009 02:56 pm
Posted By: The ImpressCMS development team
The ImpressCMS Project ( proudly announces a stable release of ImpressCMS 1.1.3. This release is a security update for the PHP OpenID and Smarty libraries included with the ImpressCMS core, no new features have been introduced.

Since its beginning, the developers of ImpressCMS have made security a priority - continually auditing existing code and testing new code for stronger security measures.

Some of the security practices that have made their way into ImpressCMS are

  • Creating a trust_path outside the web root (when possible) during installation, making sensitive database credentials inaccessible to a web browser
  • Using a 2-part encryption key to protect passwords stored in the database
  • Using HTML Purifier to filter input and output and remove malicious and unauthorized code
  • Providing a version checker for the core, allowing you to keep your site up-to-date much easier
  • Providing multiple methods of password encryption to increases the difficulty of decrypting passwords

About ImpressCMS

ImpressCMS ( has a strong foundation - many of the developers were core developers for XOOPS that wished to show the true capabilities of the platform they had helped build. So, in late 2007, they formed the ImpressCMS Project and set about incorporating many new features and expanding the functionality of their content management system. Adopting an open philosophy, much of what was added focus improved community interaction and social media.

There have been 2 major releases of ImpressCMS, with a 3rd (version 1.2) currently in beta testing. Close to 10,000 commits have been made to their SVN repository, making it a very active project with lots of international contributors. Balancing user improvements with administrator, security and developer improvements has been a constant theme in their overall strategy.

The goal of the ImpressCMS Project is to stimulate and promote the open source nature of the CMS in both the core and its modules and establish itself as the premiere CMS by expanding the system to meet the needs of their users now and well into the future.

ImpressCMS is a current finalist in Packt Publishing's 2009 Most Promising Open Source CMS awards.


Steve Kenow, ImpressCMS Spokesperson