Guide to Using open source CMS solutions to manage your website

Date Submitted: November 18 2007 11:43 pm
Content management system (CMS) is not new. Yet, not many business owners are aware of how the technnology can help to bring their business to the next level.

If you are a website owner and still relying on your web designers to manage the website, its time consuming and costly. Here, we introduce various CMS solutions that may be suitable for you:

1) Joomla - One of the most popular and commonly used CMS today, the software is released under GNU General public license, so anybody can use the software and make modifications to cater for their own use.

2) Drupal - Often compared with Joomla/Mambo, Drupal is a solid, high quality platform that are claimed to be user friendly and well liked by web developers. Only 1 installation is needed for multi sites.

3) CMS made simple - A much simpler solution that is fast to learn, easy to use. We find that this software is very good for small websites with few pages. Business owners that are new to the online world will find this software suitable.

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