Keeping Drupal Updated Without Losing Customizations.

Date Submitted: August 26 2007 07:32 pm

Drupal development team has released Drupal 5.2 on July 26, 2007.
It fixes two security vulnerabilities, so it is highly recommended
that you upgrade as soon as possible. Many Drupal installations
often contain extra Drupal modules, and almost always the also
contain local customizations.

Question arises: how to upgrade your Drupal installations

  • timely,
  • safely,
  • with confidence that none of your local customizations are lost;
  • without need to remember each line that was edited and re-applying
    those edits to new version;
  • without need to drastically change your workflow (very little
    discipline is needed actually);

We show that Git solves those problems easily.

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