Limbo Features

Date Submitted: October 19 2005 10:28 am

Limbo Features

  • Can run without any Database support ( MySQL support might be coming soon ).
  • All content can be edited directly .
  • Supports Mambo templates and language files .
  • Dynamic modules like polls , links manager , stats etc .
  • Small in size as compared to other CMSs .

Why use limbo

Reasons for you to choose Limbo
- Mambo inspired - if you have used mambo u know what im talking about
- Its smaller ( < 250 k zipped ) and simpler
- Runs on text files or MySQL
- Blazingly fast CMS ( avg .07sec/page for MySQL and .09sec/page for text db )
- Meant for smaller sites
- Clean and simple architechure to build upon


is not availible right now . But if you are testing the CMS and find
some bugs ( which you will ) do let me know ... and also any feature
request or any other ideas are also welcomed .

Chanh Ong