Drupal conference in Amsterdam

Date Submitted: October 19 2005 10:40 am

Drupal is an open source CMS with an active and dynamic community. This community, which is centred around Drupal.org,
spans the whole spectrum from developers to testers to documentation
writers to Drupal users and site admins and to Drupal consultants and
entities like Bryght and CivicSpace.

In the last year, Drupal-ites have started meeting in person as well as online at Drupal.org, the Drupal IRC channel and mailing lists. During the O'Reilly OSCON in Portland a couple of months ago,
over 40 Drupal-ites from around the world met. They manned the Drupal
OSCON booth and held a two day mini Drupal Conference. Now on the
occasion of O'Reilly's first ever Euro OSCON in Amsterdam, the Drupal-ites are at it again.

Already 44 Drupal developers, users, documentation writers and
admins from around the world have signed up to meet in Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, site of this year's Euro OSCON. We will be discussing the
future of CMSes in general but more specifically the current state of
Drupal and its near term future. The preliminary program features
topics such as usability, the Drupal infrastructure, Drupal package
management and the state of a Drupal foundation. The Drupal conference in Amsteram is free to attend and open for all.

During Euro OSCON, there will be a session about Drupal API's by Károly Négye s.
Other Drupal events during Euro OSCON include a Birds of Feather
session that is free for anyone to attend where the founder of Drupal
with fellow Drupal developers, users, documenters and site admins will
answer all Drupal related questions.

After Euro OSCON has ended, Drupal-ites will continue to stay in Amsterdam for Bar Camp Amsterdam.
The basic idea is to have a free, open to all "unconference" like the
first Bar Camp in California a month ago featuring the open source
people from Euro OSCON as well as anybody else who would like to
attend. With both Euro OSCON and the Drupal conference taking place in
Amsterdam, followed by Bar Camp Amsterdam, Amsterdam will truly be the
centre of gravity for all thing opensource in October. Please join us
at Euro OSCON, the Drupal conference or Bar Camp Amsterdam!

Break your old habits and create the future with Drupal and Open Source! See you in Amsterdam!