UliCMS 2017.3 "Tanzverbot" is now available

Date Submitted: May 9 2017 11:12 pm
Posted By: The UliCMS development team
UliCMS 2017.3 is an enhanced web content management system suitable for managing small to medium-sized websites. This new release contains many new user and developer features.

New default theme "impro17"

The new high quality theme "impro17" is based on the previous default theme. It
contains additional templates for list and article content types. It
shows a search field if "search" oder "extended_search" is installed.

Clear cache shortcut added

A shortcut to clear cache was added left to the menu icon.
Restrict edit rights
You can now restrict the
edit rights for new content established.

Usability improvements

Various improvements have been made to the usability of the system. So, after installing a
package, there is a link to install additional packages.

Enhanced API

The programming interface (API) has been extended by numerous new classes and Methods.

Upgrade to 2017.3

An upgrade is possible from UliCMS 2017.1 or 2017.2. Apply
either the manual upgrade procedure or use oneclick_upgrade. Please
read the release notes before upgrading as always.

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