UliCMS 2017.1 is here

Date Submitted: January 2 2017 06:49 pm
Posted By: The UliCMS development team
Developer's CMS: Visit the UliCMS's CMS listing and demo
UliCMS 2017.1 is the first quarter of 2017 release of the german solutions based content management system. UliCMS enables webmasters to manage small to medium sized web portals.

UliCMS 2017.1 includes a large amount of new features such as:

  • Many new and updated packages

  • A more MVC-like Application Programming Interface

  • Usability Improvements

  • New content type "node"

  • An extended permission management

  • A new bootstrap.css based default theme

  • New extension download portal UliCMS eXtend

Upgrade Notes

Before you upgrade your existing installation to UliCMS 2017.1
you need to make sure that your user has "is admin" option checked.
After upgrading please assign the new permissions to groups. If you use Mobile_Detect in your project you have to install Mobile_Detect module from
UliCMS eXtend. You have also to check for updates using update_manager.

Go to UliCMS 2017.1 Download page