LEPTON 2.3.0 released

Date Submitted: October 26 2016 09:36 pm
Posted By: The LEPTON development team

We are happy to release LEPTON 2.3.0 as Stable Version today.

Notice: we got again several vulnerabilities fixed in 2.3.0., so we strongly recommend you to update to current release!

What is done in LEPTON 2.3.0?

Here is a (non-complete) list of changes, see changelog for details:

  • We got vulnerabilities fixed in 2.3.0., many thanks to Tim Coen and curesec.com

  • updated a lot of libs and modules:

    • updated lib_jquery included jquery-ui

    • updated tiny_mce including update of filemanager and some bugfixes

    • updated lib_semantic

    • updated notie script in lib_lepton

    • updated class.upload in lib_lepton

    • added hash directory to lib_lepton

  • bugfix in code2 addon for html code

  • fixed bugs and many code modifications in quickform

  • fixed bug in droplet loginbox and added new droplet

  • fixed bug in droplet mysql_strict and tool

  • fixed bug in initial page

  • fixed bug in search

  • fixed bug in news

  • completely recoded signup process

  • completelyrecoded forgot process

  • added function to encrypt passwords

  • added function to get leptoken

  • bugfix in functions referring to sections

  • modified password encryption in complete cms

  • core code reworked... still going on



Version 2.3.0 stable is available on Downloadpage and also a mobile Version can be downloaded.


Update to LEPTON 2.3.0 is possible .


PLEASE NOTICE: NO user is able to login because of new password protection. Ensure that you know your registered email before updating to get a new password using forgot process.

If you run into problems please use the LEPTON forum