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Date Submitted: October 6 2016 05:21 pm
Posted By: The Rubedo development team

Rubedo 3.4.0 is now available for Download.

This new version aims to support you in your digital strategies and will fit to your needs and businesses. On the menu: marketing automation and behavior monitoring.

Whether you want to meet the expectations of your users by offering sites targeted on their expectations or convert your visitors into leads and customers, innovations within version 3.4 will give you new opportunities to achieve your goals.

What's new 📦

A new role is available in Rubedo to give access to the management of customization and tracking events.

  • Philters : real-time personalization with marketing automation management tool.

Rubedo Philters give you the ability to adjust the displayed contents and the layout of your site to each user. Imagine new scenarios and trigger customized messages based on behaviors and actions of your visitors.

Of course, Philters do work for those who have several sites. You will therefore be able to create further interaction crossing behaviors on your different sites.

  • Event : user behavior monitoring tool

Event gives you the ability to define, for each of your sites, user actions and behaviors that are important to you: displaying a content, clicking on a link, submitting new content, downloading media , ....

You can then use your events to trigger automated scenarios designed with Philters and create custom monitoring dashboards with new tracking blocks.

Ideas of Philters will be offered in the next few weeks.

  • Recommended Contents

The Recommended contents block displays a list of relevant contents based on user navigation history and taxonomies.

Unlike contextual contents, the Recommended contents block uses different searchable content fields: title, abstract, taxonomy and all searchable fields. And this block may recommend personalized contents even if the contents of the site have not been tagged with the taxonomy.

  • Share features optimized with Open Graph tagsOpen Graph

Open Graph is a protocol developed by Facebook. This protocol defines mandatory "tags" for social networks to fetch the title, image, description and type of the shared article. So when you share an article for example on Facebook or Linkedin, title, description and image are automatically detected and displayed in place of the URL link. Learn more about Open Graph protocol.


What's new with Google Analytics tracking

  • Language identification for Contact bloc in Google Analytics

  • Language identification for media downloads in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics you can now know the language in which a user was visitting the site when submitting a contact form or when they download media. In your statistics table the language prefix will be displayed (eg. en/contact for english, or fr/contact for french)