Add miraculous properties to your sites with Rubedo Philters

Date Submitted: September 13 2016 06:34 pm
Posted By: The Rubedo development team

Create a Love Philter to encourage your visitors to talk about you, tell them the news since their last visit, increase their loyalty by offering exclusive contents, and much more!

To increase users loyalty and make them happy, Rubedo 3.4 will offer new features to create Philters. Just define the ingredients of your recipe and let the magic happen.

by Eutah Mizushim

Customize me!

The emphasis on website personalization had been placed since version 3. This first step was to benefit from Rubedo's big data abilities to analyze in real time the behavior of anonymous or connected users and customize displayed contents automatically to match their interests.

Many of you have used personalization to enhance the digital experience for their users and increase their sales.

This goal being successfully achieved, it seemed obvious to exploit the features of Rubedo to expand these possibilities.


The advent of controlled automation

Knowing that all users enjoy a relevant website is one thing, but what about interactivity and more personal exchanges?

So far, to trigger the display of a block or a content, Rubedo offered several possibilities:

-Display of a page, block or content depending on the site language,
-Display of a page, block or content depending on the user's group,
- Customized display of contents depending on the user's interests.

The challenge is now to give to the site managers the ability to define the behavior of the site depending on the actions performed by users. This is what we call marketing automation.



Philters are coming!

To meet these needs, the new version of Rubedo will give you the opportunity to modify the display, contents and functionalities of websites to adapt to the behavior of each user.Potion


This new feature is called Philters and will add miraculous properties to your sites!

For this, two new features will be added to Rubedo:

-Users actions monitoring / tracking, by creating Events to define the actions you want to track.
-Actions that will result from these events, by defining the Philters that will drive the behavior of your sites.

Philters will give you the opportunity to imagine new automated and customized interactions. In a very simple way, you'll just have to define the conditions and actions to apply.

For example, you will be able to display a welcome message to your new users or display a pop up inviting users who read an article to download the white paper on the same topic.

In a future blogpost we will explain how to create a love Philter or a caring Philter ..

Rubedo 3.4 will be available in a few weeks, meanwhile we wish you happy holidays!