Gnew 2016.2

Date Submitted: August 3 2016 01:48 pm
Posted By: The Gnew development team
I'm pleased to announce the version 2016.2 of Gnew. What's new in this release?

  • Add the word-break CSS property in quotes to avoid overflows
  • Don't display e-mail address in the feeds when the user doesn't want to
  • Fix deletion of invalid users without using the Purge users link (admin section)
  • Improve deletions (admin section): add confirmations, delete child elements
  • No more HTML entities in feeds
  • Regexp correction in parse_feed() function
  • Use UTF-8 encoding for templates/clean/footer.htpl file (bullet)
  • Add a sixth reserved variable {USERS_FEED} to display a list of the last registered users
  • Replace obsolete <hgroup> elements from template files
  • Update user last visit after account validation

Please download and let me know your opinion about Gnew.