New Search Engine Optimization features for Rubedo 3.3.1

Date Submitted: March 3 2016 05:45 pm
Posted By: The Rubedo development team

This minor release includes a lot of new SEO features and functional improvements. Download.

New SEO Features

[SEO] Automated filling META NAME DESCRIPTION tags for pages: Automated filling Meta Name Description tags for the title and description of Pages. These elements are not visible in the back office. The user can however change these tags directly from the pages back office. Is applied to all available languages of a page.

[SEO] Track Downloads :Add Goole Analytics tracking event on download

[SEO] Sitelinks Search Box :Add SEO search page in Sites application:

Google Sitelinks search box

[SEO] Implement markup for breadcrumb

[SEO] Tracking code for contact form   : Send Google Analytics events when submitting contact form



Management optimization incorrect mails for sending newsletters

Unicode and email 

Automatic media download from the DAM 

Copy "Email"

Display error messages when submitting forms:  For all forms, adding input help.

Optimization of form submission process from the front

Submission of FO content contribution form when mail server is not responding

Auto complete of Navigation taxonomy: The Navigation taxonomy is no longer represented as a tree, but through a field with auto-complete on the page title

Delete automatic sorting for pages 


Technical enhancements

Centralize config in db for web cluster deployments

Fix replicaset 


Quick Install !

On Linux Rubedo can now be installed with a single command.