Rubedo Commerce, CMS & E-commerce

Date Submitted: August 12 2014 10:10 am
Posted By: The Rubedo development team
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Rubedo Commerce

Rubedo 2.2 implements a new e-commerce module to complete its multi-site functionalities. 

From product management to order management, Rubedo Commerce provides a collection of blocks to manage multiple online stores.


As for contents, products benefit from the flexibility of Rubedo. You can create as many types of products as required, with variations and options, description, pictures and videos... 


A behavioral targeting solution is also integrated into Rubedo to optimize sales and naturally convert prospects into customers. The shops also benefit from the full functionality of content management and media provided by Rubedo.


Another Innovation Award for Rubedo!

During the 2014 CMSday edition, Rubedo won the front office Innovation Award with its solution for real-time personalization.

During last year’s edition of the CMSday contest, Rubedo presented its big data platform based on MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Zend Framework, and won the technical Innovation Award.

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