RedKite CMS 1.1.5 has been released

Date Submitted: May 12 2014 06:59 am
This release has been focused on improving the installer which now works perfectly both with the console and the web interface.

We put particular attention on the deploying phase changing the way assets are copied from the backend to the frontend. In fact, since this release, they are synchronized instead of hard copying them and this will definitely speed up this tasks.

The manual operations required when changing the website theme has been automatized.

Behat/mink support has been introduced to improve the quality of RedKite CMS.

A MarkdownBlockBundle has been added to handle markdown contents inline on your website using the awesome EpicEditor.

TinyMceBundle.has been rewritten and improved to add a new configuration when the editor is initialized, to avoid adding paragraphs.
This has fixed the accordion title section which benefits from this change.

Hope you will enjoy RedKite CMS