A new version of 99ko is available !!!

Date Submitted: April 10 2014 08:56 am
99ko, the CMS lighthearted.

99ko is working without a CMS database.
Simple, fast and multilingual, it is ideal for designing websites windows ... but not only because it is extensible!

A new version of 99ko is available, here are the changes since:

99ko (03/27/2014)

  • Bugfixes

  • Optimization default theme

  • Adding the robots.txt file when installing

99ko 1.4.3 (03/05/2014)

  • Maintenance of the source code

  • Bugfix

  • Update some basic plugins

99ko 1.4.2b (16/02/2014)

  • New Frontend theme responsive (CSS framework Foundation)

  • New Backend responsive interface (CSS framework Foundation)

  • New install script

  • Miscellaneous: Change links to the site 99ko

  • Fixed a bug related to the url rewriting

  • Lib show: showBreadcrumb is now obsolete

  • Plugin page: bug fix

  • Admin Notification

  • Version checker of 99ko

  • GZIP compression

  • Updating basic plugins