Horizon QCMS 5.0 - Event Horizon (Update)

Date Submitted: April 6 2014 03:47 pm
Posted By: The Horizon QCMS - Event Horizon development team
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Amsterdam, April 6, 2014

Although Horizon QCMS 4.1 is a user friendly Content Management System, loaded with many useful tools to maintain your website, we decided that we can make life on the Internet even user friendlier, which is why we've developed a brand new version of Horizon QCMS: Horizon QCMS 5.0 - Event Horizon.

What do we have to offer?

  • Adding a URL Rewrite variable in the configuration file so that you can easy switch to URL rewrite, without changing your HTML template.

  •  Improved navigation manager: so that you can change the order of all your articles (not only the main articles),

  • Youtube movies will no longer show related videos at the end of the video. 

  • Disk cache: makes your website faster. 

  • Username is cased sensitive and may contain spaces.  

  • Querybuilder: create and save you own customized queries

  • Export your MySQL tables to MS-Excel

  • PHP Assistant: helps when you make a mistake with your own PHP code

  • PHP Plugin creator: create your own plugins and reuse them in your webpage(s)

  • Formbuilder to MySQL: Use formbuilder to create your own MySQL tables

  • Formbuilder to Newsletter: Use formbuilder so that people can subscribe to receive your newsletter

  • Paypal: if you enter your paypal email address and select your currency then you can start selling your articles on your website with Horizon QCMS

  • Twitter: let people retweet your webpages

  • Members Only: Members only pages are now hidden from your site navigation if they're not logged in.

  • HTML 5: Horizon QCMS 5.0 creates HTML 5 compatible objects for MP3 and MP4 files, with a backup to flash for older browsers

  • Cellphone detection: when a visitor visits your site with a cellphone then a cellphone compatible layout will be loaded automatically

  • You can now add webforms on any webpage. Formbuilder is no longer restricted to main articles.

  • Simple Gallery: you can now edit your albums all at once with the improved Simple Gallery Edit tool