EPESI version 1.5.6 was released on March 5, 2014

Date Submitted: March 5 2014 02:13 pm
A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.5.6-20140305.

RELEASE 1.5.6-20140305

Crypted notes
New module to generate printouts
Change cron mechanism
Trigger error, when patch has failed during update
Fix HomePage template installation
Add mod_alias rules to show 404 on .svn and .git directories
Set read-only attribute in commondata
Fix access restrictions and use proper data directory in check.php script
Fix logo file in Utils/FrontPage
Properly sanitize language variable in setup.php script
Fix get_access method to respect temporary user_id changes
Fix icon in RecordBrowser for different template
Extend session_id length
Allow filtering of custom status in task applet
Fix commondata edit form - do not allow to override values
Remove unused code that caused performance issues in CRM/Filters
Do not validate form in RB during soft submit
Fix Related Notes company addon
Fix module_manager to generate proper list of module requirements
Fix some issues in reset pass script
Fix TCPDF top margin when logo is set but it's hidden
Update translations