Brand new site of Microweber CMS released

Date Submitted: February 12 2014 04:47 pm
After many efforts in shaping our CMS the right way we present you the new Microweber site ( It's not an end to our work - on the contrary, we're just starting!

Here's what we will be focusing on during the next month or so:

- Writing the whole documentation of Microweber so it's accessible to all developers interested. You can find it here:

- Creating new themes aside from the default one that is used at the moment. We want to deliver diversity to the end-user seeking the most suitable way to express him/herself and customizing his/her site.

- Enchancing the overall functionality of the website and stripping it off any bugs or irregularities

- Improving our unique Real-time text writing & editing function and the Drag & Drop technology we rely on

A long-term goal we have is to develop the Microweber Marketplace. It will be a feature that is aimed towards the designer and developer community. Expect this feature around spring-time.

Make Web,
The Microweber Team