WonderCMS, the smallest CMS in the world - just got smaller!

Date Submitted: December 17 2013 01:12 am
Posted By: The WonderCMS development team
Developer's CMS: Visit the WonderCMS's CMS listing and demo
Great news - a new version of WonderCMS is here with a couple of cool new features.

What's new?

  • It's even smaller! Only 8kB zipped and 15kB unzipped

  • Improved security

  • The one feature you wanted the most, a WYSIWYG editor!

  • Has only 7 files that make WonderCMS run smoothly

  • New looks! HTML 5 fluid theme (new default theme)

  • Plugins! WonderCMS has now a plugin system!

  • Theme switching - switch easily between themes

  • 404 pages

Click here and check out the demo!
Click here if you're interested in downloading WonderCMS 0.5.1 BETA.

Your feedback has always made WonderCMS what it is now.
A huge thanks to everyone participating in this great project!