Rubedo 2.0.0 : SEO & quick to display

Date Submitted: November 21 2013 10:51 am
Posted By: The Rubedo development team
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Rubedo 2.0.0 : SEO & quick to display. Optimize Your Website for Search Engine & Performance

The newest version Rubedo 2.0.0 is based on Zend Framework 2. This technical innovation provides many functional advantages for web sites made with Rubedo:

Optimize SEO


  • URL rewriting  : user-friendly URLs or SEO-friendly URLs. This rewriting allows both to optimize SEO and offers easy navigation for your visitors.The links are more descriptive, improving their "friendliness" to both users and search engines :

    • Without user-friendly URLs :

    • With user-friendly URLs :


  • Cache Optimization for design, images, CSS and JavaScript : Rubedo 2.0.0 optimize the display of images and design of web sites. This provides more fluidity to visitors during their navigation.


  • CDN adresse for static content of a site : This new capability optimizes load time (response time) and referencing Rubedo web sites. Previously visited pages appear more quickly (static content and cache) for your visitors.