Subrion CMS 3.0.1 has been released!

Date Submitted: October 2 2013 07:07 am
Posted By: The Subrion CMS development team
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It's been almost 6 months since our last core release and we really spent this time very effectively. The Subrion CMS core was under a serious re-factoring and the core system's got a lot of improvements.

We spent several weeks working on the new Admin Dashboard mockups trying to make Dashboard as easy to use as possible. It also got several color schemes that you might choose in Settings -> System section.

Anyhow, the core system got a lot of functional improvements as well as visual changes. Specifically, we made a lot of changes to make the software more stable, reliable. We added MySQL Improved (mysqli) support that makes better DB interaction.

Here is the changelog to understand what's been added to the latest Subrion CMS 3.0 version


  • Feature #87: Stylize debugger

  • Feature #91: Update Smarty version

  • Feature #101: Implement Bootstrap for admin panel

  • Feature #311: Create new block Frequently Accessed Areas

  • Feature #313: Use Bootstrap date & time pickers in Admin Panel

  • Feature #545: Backend: time picker should be added to Featured End fields

  • Feature #585: Option in config to display code editor for textarea

  • Feature #724: Hide "empty field text" option where it's not required

  • Feature #782: Move copyright link into database

  • Feature #812: Make capable to see a site live when it is disabled/offline for administrator

  • Feature #820: Method to get URL alias by page name

  • Feature #828: Allow multiple dependent field values

  • Feature #863: Make capable to uninstall physically missing plugins

  • Feature #881: Add more filters to Hook Editor

  • Feature #891: Integrate Twitter REST API

  • Feature #896: Implement Admin activity log

  • Feature #897: Integrate Dashboard statistics with real values

  • Feature #904: Keep uploaded image source

  • Feature #910: Backend: menu contents should be synchronized after plugins (un)installation

  • Feature #913: Add more actions logs

  • Feature #43: Mobile version and template

  • Feature #133: Sort pages by title

  • Feature #315: Improve configuration page

  • Feature #332: Autofill username on register page

  • Feature #452: Create smarter top menu

  • Feature #849: Add ability to override plugin templates

  • Feature #914: Add more hooks for Dashboard page

  • Feature #916: Add underscore to the default installation

  • Feature #923: Custom css classname for blocks

  • Feature #933: Integrate mysqli adapter

  • Feature #946: iaBootstrap improvements

There were about 50 bugfixes in total. Here is the direct link to see the details on each of the reported issues:

Here are some screenshots of our new version.
opensource cms
opensource cms
opensource cms

You can find the updated demo here:

Subrion CMS Demo

Detailed information on release:

Subrion CMS Announcement

Please ask if you have any questions.