SEOTOASTER V2.1 CMS Introduces New Smart Theming And Porting System And More

Date Submitted: June 17 2013 07:28 pm

The New release includes an advanced theming and website porting system, along with an integrated blog system and social marketing hub. All CMS features are also available to SEOTOASTER V2.1 Ecommerce edition users.

One-click theme or website change

The new SEOTOASTER V2.1 CMS theming system makes an ideal website installation mechanism and integrated manual backup solution for small websites. We eliminated the guesswork; when switching between themes, your data is automatically saved so that nothing is ever lost. In addition, you can now easily save your website themes, along with pages, text and media and then with a single click have SEOTOASTER package it for you into a smart archive.

When uploaded to another SEOTOASTER system, your entire website is reconstructed in a snap. This comprehensive backup includes the theme’s graphical elements, but also all your web pages along with their own text and media, Best of all, should you want to retain content of your current site but try a different look and feel for your business, you can easily pick a new theme! Simply remove the theme.sql script from that theme smart archive and enjoy your current content wrapped into a new skin.

Post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from a single screen

The built-in social media tool widget relays your message to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter from a single screen, turning your CMS into a social marketing hub for your website. Now, Theres no need to connect to multiple social networks and adjust your messages for each social networks constraints, such as Twitters 140 character limit. Thanks to SEOTOASTER, it is easy to communicate through your favorite social network accounts. Just enter your message and a URL, and the system adjusts the message length to fit each networks requirements.

When networked through SEO Samba, your website can relay centrally distributed messages automatically based on each associated social profile. This powerful distribution is easy to control for franchise operators, dealerships, networks, and web marketing agencies to post updates on behalf of their clients.

CMS, E-commerce, Blog and Social Media Solutions now under one roof

SEOTOASTERs News and Blogging engine adds a powerful news room that doubles as a blog for your SEOTOASTER CMS-powered website. In addition to the classic blogging broadcast mechanisms like pinging and social commenting, we've integrated the Google+ authorship mechanism right into user management to help you maximize click-through rate.

Magazines, news sites, blogs, and any website owners wanting to expand the reach of their inbound marketing strategy will find SEOTOASTERs News engine a great cost and time saver in making sites appear on the coveted Yahoo News and Google News search engine result pages.


When connected through SEO Samba your websites newsrooms become centrally manageable. Content is easily distributable across your network by region or topic. You can also distribute your news to a wide range of media, news websites, and premium press release distributors straight from your screen with a single click.

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