Subrion Opensource CMS 2.3.7 has been released!

Date Submitted: April 3 2013 07:21 am
Posted By: The Subrion CMS development team
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Greetings from Intelliants,

We are happy to announce the release of our Subrion open source content management system 2.3.7. It implements tons of new features as well as fixes for known issues. You can simply upgrade your version in admin panel.


  • Bug #232: Page preview should be opened with currently editing language

  • Bug #717: Status is not changed for accounts after plan is expired

  • Bug #722: Date field can't be edited

  • Bug #723: Default value of number fields is always '0'

  • Bug #725: 404 error if there is a page with 2 characters length alias

  • Bug #726: Errors appear when using no DB prefix

  • Bug #732: Backend: several erors related to parent/dependent fields

  • Bug #740: Vulnerable actions are executed when editing user's data on front-end page

  • Bug #742: Print categories list without tag
  • Bug #745: Files actually do not removed from Storage fields

  • Bug #746: Polls plugin: IP address does not recorded correctly

  • Bug #748: HTML chars are not applied in rss feeds

  • Bug #749: HTML block does not disappear when file removed from Storage field

  • Bug #753: Don't use lightbox on members & search page

  • Bug #756: Add to account balance

  • Bug #761: Admin Panel > Manage Fields : Missing phrase "fieldGroups"

  • Feature #390: Highlight search results

  • Feature #480: Passwords should be generated using salt

  • Feature #586: Add logger to the core if we don't have it

  • Feature #617: Add canonical url

  • Feature #657: Provide a way to get the data of logged user

  • Feature #659: Add function to check post

  • Feature #755: Implement double password encryption

  • If you want to see more details about each change please refer to the online Issue Tracker. Let us know if you have any questions. We will be glad to help.

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