Webinar: Unlock Enterprise Databases to Create New Online Services with Magnolia CMS and Grails

Date Submitted: March 21 2013 07:34 am
Tapping into enterprise databases to create new, valuable online services for customers is a challenge for any developer. By combining Grails' scaffolding features with Magnolia CMS' modular templating architecture, developers have a powerful toolkit for rapidly prototyping and deploying new database-driven online services that take maximum advantage of rich enterprise data.

On 3 April 2013, Peter Wayner, developer and author of technology tutorials on Magnolia CMS and Grails, will present a webinar on using Magnolia CMS with Grails to enable new online services by leveraging the content in your enterprise databases. This free webinar will demonstrate strategies for combining database content with Magnolia CMS templates using the Maglev (Magnolia on Grails) plugin. This webinar is extremely useful for Java and Grails developers of all levels, as well as IT professionals and system integrators interested in application integration for business solutions.

Register now for this webinar at http://www.magnolia-cms.com/resource-directory/webinars/maglev.html