Community News: Atlassian Develops Mission Critical Global Site with Magnolia CMS

Date Submitted: January 30 2013 12:51 pm
Atlassian, the company behind Jira and Confluence, was looking for a way to rapidly create online campaigns on its website and support the companyís entry into new regions with multi-lingual content. Atlassianís existing website was seeing traffic from users across the globe; however, it lacked built-in translation features and was unable to scale with the companyís growth.

Magnolia CMS, an open source, enterprise-grade Java CMS, was the solution to Atlassian's problem. Atlassian chose Magnolia CMS after a unique selection process (which included some AngryNerds) that tested Magnolia's performance in real-world, high-scalability scenarios.
Find out more about how Magnolia CMS helped make Atlassian more agile in this case study: