Subrion Open Source CMS 2.3.1 Released!

Date Submitted: January 13 2013 08:44 pm
Posted By: The Subrion CMS development team
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Greetings from Intelliants,

We are happy to announce the release of the Subrion open source content management system 2.3.1. It's more an update aimed at the stable and bugless version of the software. Here is list of the most significant changes for the new version:


  • Feature #511: Upgrade bootstrap version

  • Feature #517: Youtube icon is missing in CKEditor

  • Feature #549: CKeditor source highlighting

  • Feature #550: CKeditor allow code insertion

  • Bug #473: Debugger box: sections open only once

  • Bug #496: Unable to install on subdomain

  • Bug #497: Tool buttons on page with warning misplaced

  • Bug #502: Display notification if no plugins available for the version

  • Bug #510: Make file storage styles similar to image

  • Bug #512: Disable upgrade if no config file available

  • Bug #513: ckeditor failed to load for fields with "description" name

  • Bug #514: Login by email does not work

  • Bug #515: Disable installation of installed plugins

  • Bug #516: Disable default plugins uninstallation

  • Bug #520: incrementViewsCounter does not work

  • Bug #521: Use the same IP format for all ip addresses

  • Bug #522: Messy page definition

  • Bug #524: No page title for redirect page

  • Bug #526: Update HTMLpurifier

  • Bug #527: Different JSON return

  • Bug #528: RSS feed errors

  • Bug #529: Date column becomes incorrect when witched to Remote plugins list

  • Bug #530: Bug with checkboxes when two grids active in admin panel

  • Bug #539: Views log table data is not updated

If you want to see more details about each change please refer to the online Issue Tracker. Let us know if you have any questions. We will be glad to help.

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