Newscoop 4.0.4 upgrade improves comments and 3rd party library management

Date Submitted: January 8 2013 12:45 pm
Newscoop 4.0.4 follows hot on the heels of the latest Newscoop upgrade to improve comment management for sites whose community contributes a large amount of comments. Flagged by Newscoop users Brasil 247 (55 million page views per month and counting!), we fixed this and a few other minor issues.

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Newscoop installation is supported on Ubuntu Linux 10.04 (Lucid), Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 (Squeeze), and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 (Santiago).

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We improved comment management hugely in Newscoop 4 as part of our drive to make Newscoop better for building communities around news. However when faced with a lot of comments, journalists noticed that they experienced a problem loading the edit screen for articles.

With this latest Newscoop release there has been an improvement to this section allowing users to load more comments with a simple pagination function. The "Show more comments" button makes it much easier to read and navigate feedback from readers.

Alongside this new feature, there were a number of bug fixes related to the upgrade from the previous version, plus improvement of library handling with the use of Composer (a dependency manager for PHP)

Bug fixes include...

Improved 3rd party library management by using Composer
Removes handling of include_path from application.php
Removes unnecessary use of spl auto-loading from create_themes.php upgrade script
Various exciting maintenance tasks
Some missing strings in user management mainly have been added to the localizer.

What was new in Newscoop 4?

Back in April we published this series of screencasts's-new-in-Newscoop-4.htm outlining the major features in Newscoop 4. New features for this series included an overhauled media archive, drag-and-drop front page management, intelligent image renditions, Dynamic Maps and numerous citizen journalist and community management tools.


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