Elxis 4.0 and Elxis 2009.3 comparison

Date Submitted: September 28 2012 04:22 pm

At this time 2 parallel releases are available for Elxis CMS. The new Elxis 4.x series and the old one Elxis 2009.x (development stopped on 2009.3 Aphrodite). So which version to download?
An easy answer is the newest one (Elxis 4.x), we strongly recommend you to always pick the newest Elxis version. But in some cases
the 2009.3 version might be the one you need. For instance if you absolutely need to use an extension such as
IOS Reservations which is only available, at this time, for Elxis 2009.x you should pick Elxis 2009.x. Dont worry, the old 2009.x series will be supported for a long time.

Important notes

  • Elxis 4.x is a brand new software. It is not as well tested as 2009.3 and it might contain bugs (especially if it is released as a beta version).

  • Elxis 4.x and 2009.x are not compatible. You can not use extensions created for 2009.x in 4.x and the opposite.

  • You can not update Elxis 2009.x to Elxis 4.x

  • Elxis 4.x and 2009.x have not the same features.

Comparison table

The table bellow is a quick (not full) comparison table between Elxis 4.0 and Elxis 2009.3 to help you choose
the version you need or get notified about their differences. The table does not lists the features of each release but focuses
on their differences.

Elxis 2009.3 Aphrodite Elxis 4.0 Nautilus
Initial releaseOctober 2009September 2012
Elxis generation3rd4th
Package size10,4mb5,2mb
LicenseGNU/GPLElxis Public License (EPL)
ArchitectureMambo basedElxis OO framework
Large third party librariesAbout 202
Database layerAdoDBPDO
Site scaleSmall, mediumSmall, medium, large
BackupDatabaseFiles and database
CachingFile caching, static cacheImproved file caching, APC
Elxis defenderYes (manual settings)Yes (improved, automatic)
Notification alertsNoYes
Security levelsNoYes
Rename admin folderNoYes
DebugDB queries, module positionsDB queries, module positions, performance monitor, errors per extension
Web statisticsNoYes
Multilingual config dataNoYes (site name, META description and keywords)
Multilingual contentLanguage specific itemsTranslations
XML parametersYes, simpleYes, extended
User access controlACLElxis ACL
ListsTablesAJAX grid
HTML forms APINoYes (elxisForm library)
Framework supportLimitedFull, library based
Content extensionBotsPlugins (very improved bots)
Bots/Plugins executionAlwaysOnly those used in the specific article (huge speed improvement)
Output bufferingComponents, botsEverything
Update installed extensionsNoYes
External authenticationNoYes (open ID, LDAP, gmail, twitter, etc)
jQuery readyNoYes
Built-in lightboxNoYes
Custom routingNoYes
WYSIWYG editorTinyMCECK editor
DoctypeXHTML 1.0 transitional (served as html/text)XHTML 1.0 strict, XHTML 1.0 transitional, XHTML 5, HTML 5
Session controlSystemSystem, Files, Database
Errors handlerSystemElxis
URLsSEF - non SEFElxis URIs
Site portabilityRequires edit config and SQL dataFully portable
Page layoutControlled by menu itemsControlled by the page itself (through parameters)
SyndicationRSS/ATOM for the whole siteFeeds central, RSS/ATOM for the whole site and per category.
Site frontpageFirst item in mainmenuDesign via drag and drop interface
Menu item types214 (Link, URL, Separator, Wrapper)
Unified extension installerNoYes
Auto expand menusNoYes
Administration modulesNo (some hard coded)Yes
Icon packagesNoYes
User specific timezoneNoYes
Custom exit pagesNoYes
Frontend content submissionYesNo
Publish content based on dateYesNo (Yes, via cron jobs)
Unpublish content based on dateYesNo (Yes, via cron jobs)
Frontend/AdministrationSeparatedUnified file system and user login
Active templatesUnlimited (assigned on menu items)1 template with heavy parametrization
SearchSearch bots, limited functionalitySearch engines, super configurable
Open SearchNoYes
User registrationComponent registrationComponent user
User loginComponent loginComponent user
BlogsComponent eBlogComponent content
BannersComponent bannerModule ads
PollsComponent pollsFree third party module
ContactComponent contactComponent content (plugin contact)
FrontpageComponent frontpageComponent content
RSSComponent RSSComponent content