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If you are interested to advertise on our site and therefore support its continued existence you will find all the needed information below.

Site's General Overview is the web's most prominent website concerning Open Source Content Management Systems. We are the only website in the world that provides over 200 demos of Open Source CMS tools.
  • Launch in September 2002
  • +/- 100,000 monthly unique visitors (Google Analytics™ verified)
  • +/- 500,000 monthly page views (Google Analytics™ verified)

Our Visitors

Search engines deliver the majority of visitors to Searches related to 'open source' and 'content management systems' yield a consistent top listing for is either number 1, or in the top 5, for almost all searches related to our niche. Our visitors are generally interested in web hosting, programming, and other CMS related information and are predominantly male in the the 19-36 demographic

Press Coverage has been featured on ZDnet, Content-Wire, NewsForge,, InternetWeek, SitePoint, and many more.


Through a survey of over 2,000 visitors, conducted February-March 2006, our demographics and other interesting information can be found below.

  • 90% of our visitors are male
  • 70% of our visitors are between the ages of 19 and 36
  • 65.6% of our visitors have a college degree or higher
  • 40% of our visitors would consider purchasing a commercial content management system
  • 69% of our visitors would consider purchasing books related content management systems

Advertising Options

Please choose from one of the below options:

All of our advertising is managed through - Please book any slots you are interested in directly through them.


Page Peel - $400 per month

A dramatic effect in which to engage the user. Once peeled, at a minimum, the user will read your ad. If they're interested they'll click, and they will be directed to your site. This ad location gets peeled about 2,000 times a day and is currently available exclusively without rotation. Please contact us directly at "" (please remove hashes)

728 x 90 Leaderboard Banner and 468 x 60 Demo Banner

The Leaderboard banner is our most popular banner size and generates the highest click-through rates. The demo banners are very engaging since they are only displayed when you are actually testing a demo so visitors are looking for hosting or web solutions immediately when they are seing those banners. So the conversion rate is also very high here.

3x 200x200 Small Squares on Homepage

We have three slots for this attractive format on the homepage and some content pages. Those slots rotate a maximum of 3 advertisers and receive about 60-70,000 impressions per month.

120x600 Skyscraper on all pages

The skyscraper banner is very visible in the right column of every page. This slot rotates a maximum of 5 advertisers and receives about 200,000 impressions per month.

Supporters Text Link - prices start at $50 per month

Your text link will get in front of around 100,000+ unique visitors and enjoy over 500,000 page views per month. Additionally we have a pagerank of 7 that will link directly to your site.

Supporter links include up to three words linked to the URL of your choosing, and your company name will appear directly below the link. All links are do follow. Note that we have just changed the link behavior slightly since the new Google update doesn't like links from all subpages of a domain very much any more.

Gold Supporter - $100 per month (right top column section on homepage only, up to 5 spots available)
Silver Supporter - $75 per month (right middle column section on homepage only, up to 8 spots available
Bronze Supporter - $50 per month (in right bottom column section on all pages except the homepage - up to 20 spots available)

Additional advertising formats

For questions please email "" (please remove hashes) or book your adslots directly through BuySellAds below! We also have more slots available through BuySellAds, than are listed on this page.